And the innocent were guilty (2006)

2006 – new permanent exhibition for the Lidice Memorial, AND THE INNOCENT WERE GUILTY

The museum's complete renovation was based on an original design by Pavel Štingl and realized in collaboration with Eduard Stehlík and Bohumír Prokůpek.

The exhibition represented a qualitatively new approach to the legacy of Lidice, which had been used by the socialist regime for ideological purposes. The new exhibition significantly increased the number of visitors to the Lidice Memorial and, after decades of misuse, gave these wartime events their true historical significance.

In 2013, an educational program was developed for the Lidice Memorial's information and education center. The interactive program, available in multiple languages and intended for groups and individuals of all ages, offers new historical views on the significance of the Lidice events and the memories of survivors, who in the past guided visitors through the exhibition. In the future, their testimonies will be the subject of visitor's virtual research.