Front line (2004)

The exhibition FRONT LINE marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. The monumental site-specific installation by Slovak artists Bohuš and Monika Kubinský in the main exhibition hall at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art juxtaposed two front lines: the trenches of World War I's western front and the line of "kugelbunker" anti-aircraft bunkers from World War II, which was a direct consequence of the first war. The quiet and abandoned battlefield on which these two "front lines" of the largest conflicts in human history meet acts as a reminder of the 20th century of wars and their absurdity.

The second part of the exhibition presented the lives, personal stories, memories and private tales of people who experienced World War I first-hand. The unique collection of diaries, drawings, photographs and other memorabilia was made possible by an open call announced on Czech Television as part of the documentary cycle "A Report on the Great War." These were accompanied by video recordings of interviews with family members and the owners of the exhibited items. Their memories bring to life the stories of those who 100 years ago witnessed the collapse of world history.

Curators: Pavel Štingl, Kateřina Štinglová, Michaela Šilpochová, Leoš Válka

Expert consultant: Eduard Stehlík